Rank #1 on Google Using 7 Free SEO Tools

7 seo tools

You want Rank 1 on Google, but you do not have the money and you do not want the agency?

What you do?

I am Tarun pal and today I am going to share with you seven free tools that will help you rank number one on Google.

1. Google Search Console

The first free tool I have for you today is Google Search Console.

Google Search Console

Most people use Google Search Console only to see what keywords they are ranking for. You can do this, it is not as effective.

Because of which you want to use Google Search Console, Especially if you want to have a rank number one for this specific strategy.

When you log in to Google Search Console, it will show you all the keywords that you are ranking with, which are driving the majority of your traffic.

See what pages they are on, where traffic is running.

Take the title tag and meta description of that page and make sure you include the keyword. Optimize that title tag to be more attractive.

If you are not sure how to optimize the title tag, then buy a magazine or newspaper.

They may not be the best of all but there are some things you can do. You can take inspiration from magazines and try to prepare your own headlines.

By creating your own title or title tag or meta description, which is more attractive with keywords, you are more likely to get clicks.

See, if you search on Google, along with another thousand people and you all search for the same word, and everyone clicks on the second list instead of the first Listing.

What do you think Google is going to do?

They’re gonna take the second listing and move it up to number one. And by optimizing your title tag to be more appealing, you’re going to get more clicks.

There is also a simple way that you can create curiosity.

Like: “10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea

The 10 benefits of green tea, number five is going to shock you. Yes, I know that green is amazing, but what is the number 10?

I want to see this article, you will get more clicks from this kind of stuff.

2. Ubersuggest

The second tool I have, and of course, this one is free as well, they are all, is Ubersuggest.


You have a Google Search Console. It has already shown you which keywords are getting traffic for you.

I want you to take those keywords and plug them into Ubersuggest. This will show you all the long-term variations Those keywords.

If you already rank for the conditions of the head, then ranking for long-tailed words is really easy.

You don’t have to build any links, you don’t have to do a ton of on-page optimization.

It’s super easy and simple.

You take the keywords that you give Ubersuggest, let’s rank you for digital marketing on page one, you type that keyword in Ubersuggest, you see all the other keyword variations .

It lets you see and see if you can take those keywords and integrate them within your site.

By doing so, within 30 days you will get more search traffic on that page.

3. Yoast Seo

The third tool that’s for you is Yoast SEO plugin.

Most of you guys are running your website or blog on WordPress.

SEO on WordPress is not so easy, But what if I told you a plug-in, it would make your on-page SEO even easier.

Yoast SEO plugin will help you optimize Your code, your title tag, meta descriptions,

Okay, this will also help you create an XML Sitemap, which you can simply plug in in Google Search Console, and you can do this for free.

In this way, when you release new content, it tells Google through a Sitemap that they can index, catch, and rank that content.

4. Website Responsive Test

The fourth tool I have for you is websiteresponsivetest.com.

website responsive test

The reason you want to go to this website is your site needs to be mobile compatible. Enter your URL on this site, tell you, is your website is mobile responsive or not?

The more mobile this will be, the higher you are in Google’s mobile-first index.

If your site doesn’t look good on a mobile device, you think you’re gonna get a ton of rankings?

Of course, not.

So you need to make sure that your site looks great on mobile phones. Not just your mobile phone, but all the other things are out there.

Because there is an iPhone, an Android phone, the list keeps on running and this site will help ensure that your website is compatible with all of them.

5. Google Trends

The fifth one I have for you is Google Trends.

Google Trends

You are probably thinking, hey, how is this SEO tool?

Okay, Google has moved into brand signals and they have been for years, but now they are more effective than ever.

In other words, Google wants to rank more brands than non-branded sites. Because all these people are making fake reports and fake information.

If we’re trying to figure out how to get a better brand, it’s by leveraging the omni-channel approach. The more people that see you, the better off you’re gonna be.

In which, if you do content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, you’re out there more times, you’re gonna be following what’s called the rule of seven.

6. Google PageSpeed Insights

Number six, Google PageSpeed Insights.

Page Speed Insights

How many of you think that PageSpeed affects SEO?

If you do, leave a comment with yes.
If you don’t, leave a comment with no.

Here’s the thing, it does. More people use Google on their mobile phones than they do on their desktop computers.

“Therefore, the speed of the website is so important.”

Google has only one index for mobile sites. You want to make sure that your website loads as fast as possible.

So use Google PageSpeed Insights as it will tell you what Google looks like on your site from the time of load, and they will tell you what you need to change to load and faster.

7. Keyword Everywhere

Number seven, and it’s last. This is a chrome extension, it is called keyword Everywhere.

keyword everywhere

Whenever you are searching Google, you will find that in many cases you are searching Google for your location or other keywords related to your industry.

“Keywords everywhere” will show you how many people are searching for terms and other related keywords like you’re using Google on screen.

The reason for this is important because you are using Google as a normal user, it will give you more keyword ideas because you can see search volume and how well some of these keywords are there, as well as other variations.

When you are trying to optimize your website, you want to think about day-to-day and SEO.

I know this is going to be tough, but keyword everywhere will help you because Keyword Everywhere will remind you as you search on Google.

Would love it, hey, this keyword is popular. Yes, it is related to my site, maybe I should consider creating content around it So you want to use it.


These tools will help you get number one rank.

Make sure you are using them all, they are great. If you have any questions, leave a comment Below and I will answer it.

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