10 Best SEO Tips to Be Unforgettable in 2019

seo tips

I have used these exact strategies On-Page SEO, for keywords like keywords to rank on Google’s first page Research, and link building.

The best part, all the tips I’m gonna share with you are insanely actionable.

I’m Tarun Pal, the founder of SearchOpel, and in this article, I’m gonna reveal my favorite keyword research strategy.

which I learned from analyzing one million Google search results, and a new SEO strategy that is currently crushing it .

1. Use Short URL’s

So without further ado, let’s dive with the right tip number one, which is to use the short URL.

use short URL's

Because all things are the same, small URLs are better than long URLs.

In fact, I recently analyzed one million Google search results, and we found that short URLs rank best in Google.

2. Amazon

amazon keyword research

Let’s go to tip two, which is to use Amazon for keyword ideas.

Did you know that you can use Amazon for keyword research?

Well you can, here’s how: First, find a popular book in your niche on Amazon. Next, check out the books table of contents.

Each chapter is a potential topic or keyword idea.

Finally, see chapter titles in your favorite keyword research tool to find out if they are searched on Google.

3. Optimize Title Tags For CTR

Optimize Title Tags For CTR

I probably do not have to tell you that you should include your target keyword in your title tag. But what you would not know is that you want to customize your title tag for click-through rate.

Why, two reasons:

First of all, when you improve your CTR, you get more traffic without the need for higher rankings.

For example, suppose you are number four for your target keyword. If you double your CTR, you double your traffic.

Second, Google recently said that they use CTR as a ranking signal, and if you think about it then it makes sense.

If a lot of people click on your results, it sends a clear message to Google that this page is a great result for this keyword, and they will encourage you to rank.

4. Publish Content at Least 1900 Words

Publish Content at Least 1900 Words

Let’s dive into tip number four, which is to publish content of at least 1900 words.

Remember that the ranking factor study Neil Patel mentioned earlier?

Well, one of our most interesting findings was that longer content tended to rank better than short content.

In fact, we found that the average first page result in Google contained 1900 words.

Yes, it is against the idea that the attention of the online people is minimal, but it proves that the data is clearly not true.

Because the fact is: when you make a high-value content, people would like to read it, even though it really is long to read.

For example, I have a post on my blog called: Rank #1 on Google Using 7 Free SEO Tools

This post is over 2,000 words, and it ranks in the top three of Google for my target keyword: Free SEO Tools.

Advice: If you have a page that you really want to rank in, make sure that at least 1, 000 words are of useful content.

5. Title Tag Modifiers

Let’s dive right in tip number five, use the title tag modifier.

Believe it or not, but most of your search engine traffic comes from very long, very specific searches.

For example, a person searching for a new pair of blue shoes can do something like this, as you can expect, long term keywords like this:

How can you possibly optimize it around?

It’s easy, just add modifiers to your title tag. Some of my favorite title tag modifiers are current year, best, review, free shipping and checklist.

6. Broken Link Building

Speaking of link building, it’s time for tip number 6: broken link building.

Broken link building is one of my favorite white hat link building strategies. Here’s how it works: First, find a site that you wanna get a link from.

The easiest way to find broken links is to use the excellent check My Links Chrome extension.

When you find a broken link, look for a piece of content on your site that would make a good replacement for the dead link: If you don’t have something that would make a good replacement, feel free to create one.

Finally, email the owner of the site to tell the owner of the broken link, and when they come back to you, pitch your links as a replacement. that’s all there is to it.

7. Choose Strong Keywords

All right, next, we have SEO tip number 7: Choose keywords with strong business intentions.

Here is the mistake that I have seen many people, and this is a mistake and I have made this mistake many times.

What is that mistake?

Choosing keywords with zero commercial intentions, what does commercial intent mean?

The commercial intent is the possibility that a finder of a given keyword will something buy from you.

For example, the business intent of a person searching for premium yoga courses is very high. Compared to anyone searching for free yoga videos. Wait, I have to pay for it, I’m out here.

Fortunately, you can easily use the Google Keyword Planner to shape the business intent of a keyword. The higher the estimated bid, the higher the commercial intentions.

Yes, a keyword search volume and competition are important, but before you decide on a keyword, make sure it has at least some business intentions.

8. Delete Under-Performing Pages

Let’s go to tip number 8, which is a controversial one: remove under-performing pages.

Some time ago a webmaster Trends analyst at Google said very interesting: Do not create less quality and no value-added pages, we think it is a waste of resources.

We think that this is a waste of resources. The second thing is that you will not get quality traffic. If you do not get quality traffic, why are you burning resources on it?

In other words, having too many additional pages on your site is bad for SEO, and that’s why I recommend removing those pages on your site that do not bring any traffic.

9. Reddit for Keyword Research

Reddit is one of my favorite places to find unused keywords that do not know about my competition.

Where can another site be found, where people discuss every subject under the sun?

Reddit for Keyword Research

I mean, Reddit has a whole part of your site which is seriously dedicated to otters, otters.

So, how can you use Reddit for keyword research?

Let’s walk you through an example: “Suppose that you run a site that sells Paleo diet food replacement bars”.

You discover the Paleo diet in Reddit. Then, look at any sub-Reddit or thread that covers that topic.

When you see a subject covered repeatedly, you have a keyword that you should see.

Suddenly, when you see a topic covered repeatedly, you have a keyword that you should see. To find that term in Google, look for keywords in your favorite keyword research tool.

Rubbing and repeating until you have awesome keywords.

10. Link to High Domain Authority Websites

Okay, it’s time to reach the end of discussion, tip 10: Link to high domain authority websites.

Do you want to see something interesting?

In the UK, a SEO Agency recently used a SEO. They created a new ten brand website, all optimized around the same keywords: Phylandocic.

Phylandocic, phylandocic, how do you even pronounce? Anyway, 10 websites were set in the same way, of which there was a big difference except five.

They include outbound links for authorization websites, and are definitely enough, with five sites having an outbound link with those sites that do not have a site.

Tip: Link to high domain authority websites in each piece of content you publish.


These 10 SEO Tips will help you get the number one rank in 2019.

Make sure you are using them all, they are great. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will answer it.

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