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I recently used this exact method for Keyword SEO in the top three for video rank in YouTube.

I am Tarun Pal, the founder of SearchOpel, the place where marketers come for higher rankings and more traffic.

Today, you’re going to know the 5 most influential YouTube video SEO ranking factors, to get your video to the top of YouTube quickly.

A few years ago, my YouTube Channel was struggling.

I consistently produced high quality videos that used to provide a ton of value. But when I published my videos, I did not need to say that I was disappointed.

In particular, I searched YouTube for five most important ranking factors and these are the ranking factors about which very few people know.

1. Create and Publish Long Videos

Let’s start with phase number one which is for creating and publishing long videos.

You may have noticed that longer videos in YouTube perform better.


Well, YouTube’s most important ranking factor is the total watch time of your video.

As you probably know, the more people watch your videos, the better it is. This is called audience retention, which is an important ranking factor.

Although viewer retention is important, it is not as important as the total watch time of your video.

YouTube watch time image

That’s because YouTube wants to promote videos that keep people on YouTube for a long time.

So many more people watch your video, the more YouTube they want to rank in the search results.

For example, suppose you have just published two different videos. The video one is 2 minute long and the video two is 10 minutes long.

And assume that each video gets 1,000 views and the audience retention for both videos is exactly the same, 50%. This means that the average people watch half of your video.

The total watch time for the two-minute video will be 1,000 minutes. But for long videos, there will be 5,000 minutes.

This means that the time of the video number one in the video number two will be five times, which means that this video will overtake the number one.

It has the power to publish long videos.

2. Attracting Viewers in Starting 15 Seconds

OK, let’s go to step number two which is to master the hook.

Attracting Viewers in Starting 15 Seconds

As I said, long videos tend to rank better because they tend to collect more total watch times.

But there is a big problem with this approach. You have to take care of someone on the internet.

Fortunately, my experiences have taught me that if you can attract someone in the first 15 seconds of your video, you can attract them for life time.

In fact, YouTube recommends that you focus on the first 15 seconds of your video to maximize the watch time.

The question is how do you attract people in the first 15 seconds of your video?

“Start your video with PPP Formula. The PPP stands for preview, proof, preview”.

Here’s how it really works.

First of all, preview what your video is like. When I first started making videos, my intro would go ahead and about why the topic of my video is important and these long-running intro people will get rid of them.

Today, I cut out the fluff and tell them exactly what to expect. For example, let’s say that your video outlines 10 weight loss diet tips.

You want to start your video by saying, “In this video, you are learning” 10 of my favorite weight loss tips.”

That’s it.

This is the next, it is time for proof. Here’s the proof that you can distribute. You can mention that you have already completed what the audience wants, that you have so much experience in your field or have you researched about a ton of your subject.

For example, you might say, “These are the same tips I used to lose five kilos in 60 days.”

Finally, hit them with the preview again. Here’s where you reiterate what your video is about.

Now you just do not want to just repeat what you said at the beginning. Instead, mention something specific to your video.

You can mention the number of tips, a detail from a case study or that you’re gonna share something completely new.

This will make your viewers curious and want to keep watching.

3. Put Your Exact Keyword in Your Video Title.

Next time, enter your exact keyword in your video title.

There is no question that Google and YouTube are becoming more smart every day, which means that the days of keyword content at the top of YouTube in your video has long gone.

Google and YouTube said that, Both use the title of your video to understand what your video is all about.

So make sure to include your exact keyword once in your title, at the beginning of your video title.

For example, I created a video, which I wanted to rank for “Google Security code.”

That’s why I made sure to include my exact keyword “Google Security Code” at the beginning of the title and it helped me rank it in the top three for my target keyword.

4. Say Your Keyword in Your Video

Alright, now it’s time to ranking four numbers, which your targeted keywords say in your video.

When I first started with the video SEO, I would go back to the old video and optimize them around the keywords that I wanted to rank and it did very little.

That’s because Google and YouTube can listen to your video without transcription.

For example, suppose a video has just been published about healthy desserts.

Then a few weeks later, you discover that the keyword “healthy desserts” are very competitive. So you go back and customize it around a different keyword like low carb desserts.

It sounds smart now, but it’s something that does not work with it.


Even though the keyword low carb desserts may be in your title, description and tags, you never said that keyword once in the video.

YouTube knows this and it looks messy. On YouTube, your video is about healthy desserts, but all your page metadata says it’s about low carb desserts, so they will not rank for you keywords.

For example, in my video about SEO, I made sure to say SEO word for a while.

Simple yet effective.

5. User Interactions Signals

YouTube wants to see that people are actually interacting with your video.

The more people watch, like, subscribe and comment on your video, the more your video will rank in YouTube search results.

Now the strategies I’ve seen you so far will naturally help you to get these user interaction signals even more.

But there are two simple strategies I use on each video to increase my video user interaction signal.

First of all, I add a annotation that say people to like my video.

After a lot of experimentation, I’ve found that this simple annotation boosts the number of likes of my video.

At the end of my video, I also ask people to subscribe and comment, which also increases the volume of user interaction signal of my video.


These 5 youtube seo Tips will help you get the number one rank in 2019.

Make sure you are using them all, they are great. If you have any questions, comment below and I will answer it.

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