6 Ways to find Content Ideas That Match Your Value

6 tools for content ideas

The biggest problem facing everyone who starts a blog or website is how to get unique content ideas. Because everything is available on Google, so the problem is what I should write for my website.

Hi, My name is Tarun Pal, i’m a digital marketer & founder of SearchOpel. I have solved this problem and I want to share those who are facing this problem.

Here I have written, “How to get content ideas” to answer this question, here you will learn 6 ways to get unique content ideas.

1. Google Webmaster Queries

If you have submitted your web site to Google Webmaster for indexing, then you can see the queries related to your website’s performance.

Now you get the questions where your website does not rank but the keyword on your website. After this work, write articles or content for keywords where the website is not ranking but 2 or 3 pages are listed on Google.

2. Google Trends

Google Trends analyzes searches around the world and provides a data table for Google users, bloggers, content authors, and digital marketers.

google trends

You can search traffic on a topic or keyword in Google Trends, and get the queries to related topics.

3. Answer The Public

Answer The Public” is a software founded by David Gerzof Richard.

Answer the public

The best thing to answer public tools is to find the right questions for related keywords. Here you can find lots of content ideas that people search on Google.

4. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner: Tool developed by Google developers to analyze search volume and bid on a particular keyword.

5. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest my favorite tool for analytics traffic, find top to pages, and new keyword ideas.


You can find new keyword ideas, monthly traffic on the website, or a top page here.

6. Keyword Tool IO

Keyword Tool Io

This is a paid tool but I recommend it for keyword research because Keyword.io detects all search engine data such as: YouTube, Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo and Amazon.

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